Scented Soaps from Agape Body and Soul

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We made friends with Alisa when she used some of our fragrances in her incredible products. Her soaps, body butters, and serums are all available on her Etsy store.

We have three of her 4oz soap bars to try: Sweet Dreams, Green Tea, and Vanilla and Honey.

From her website:

These hand-made soaps will change your bathing game forever! After using liquid shower gels for years I thought I would never use a bar again, until I discovered the melt-and-pour process for home soap-making.

These soaps lather and cleanse without that sticky soap residue feel, moisturize and nourish skin with organic oils and virtually eliminate plastic waste.

I have added fragrance and color to compliment my body butters so the soaps look and smell great and are super fun to use and/or give as gifts.

Soap Varieties:

Each made with melt-and-pour soap base, Vitamin E, essential and fragrance oils and added color. Specific oils are blend dependent and will be listed on your product label.

  • SWEET DREAMS: A sweet, honey-caramel with bergamot notes.
  • GREEN TEA: Herbaceous and refreshing aromatic blend that's clean and calming.
  • VANILLA AND HONEY: Sensual and musky aroma with sweet vanilla notes makes this scent irresistible and comforting.

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