Set of eleven 2.5ml PRIDE sample vials from Deconstructing Eden

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      Our friend Toni over at Deconstructing Eden specializes in a classical perfume style that doesn't use fragrance oils. Everything is an aromachemical, essential oil, absolute, or essence. Think naturals that aren't quite natural!

      Their fragrances are all incredible and we're so happy to have them with us!

      This is a set of eleven 2.5ml spray sample vials of all eleven fragrances in the Pride collection.

      Want to explore indie maker reviews? Please visit our forum!

       Pride Collection

      Life (red) - Woody amber, blonde tobacco, red apples, green and ripe apricots, figs drenched in (vegan) honey.

      Healing (orange) - Sweet soft musk, copaiba balsam, mandarin, bergamot, frankincense, ambergris, lemon, tangerine peel, and, sandalwood.

      Sunlight (yellow) - Warm sunlight, California Lemon, sweet honey, citrus peel, benzoin, Buddha's Hand citrus, and May Chang flower.

      Nature (green) - Redwood forest, mahogany, conifers, a touch of loamy earth, green clovers, and fresh broom. 

      Harmony (blue) - Cool, sweet, and living water, blue skies, and white amber.

      Spirit (violet) - White amber, sea salt, wood violets, blackened lavender, Japanese plum, and a trace of lingonberry.

      Black - orris root, black velvet, charred amber, dark woods, oakmoss, black pepper, black suede, oud, and black agarwood.

      Brown - Benzoin, forest honey, rich incense, cashmere, and, glowing amber.

      Male - Understated leather, star musk, white sandalwood, dry blackberries, and, seasalt.

      White: Cotton sheets, overstuffed comforters, white amber, white musk, and, peach blossom.

      Female: Pink roses, pink water lilies, irises, carnations, lily of the valley, and a trace of vanilla.

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