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Set of five 2.5ml sample vials from Deconstructing Eden

Set of five 2.5ml sample vials from Deconstructing Eden

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Our friends over at Deconstructing Eden specialize in a classical perfume style that I doesn't use fragrance oils. Everything is an aromachemical, essential oil, absolute, or, essence. Think naturals that aren't quite natural!

Their fragrances are all incredible and we're so happy to have them with us!

This is a set of five 2.5ml sample vials of their four bestsellers, plus El Sol, a Sucreabeille exclusive!

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Black No. 1: Milk white skin, a haze of clove cigarette smoke, burning leaves and the blackest patchouli in my collection.

Morrigan: Grey musk, leather, dark red roses, patchouli, night blooming jasmine on a bed of wood.

Haunted: Ghostly roses, ethereal lilacs, and wisteria. Pale, pale Asian lilies on a soft bed of delicate woods and ambergris.

Delaunay: Ambergris, red leaves (for his hair), black agarwood, a touch of leather, amber key accord, rosewood, cassis, a touch of lime and the barest drop of fresh apple.

Winter Song: Softly falling snow on balsam firs, birchwood, a drop of oud, black pine, and bayberry