Set of six 2.5ml PRIDE sample vials from Deconstructing Eden

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Our friend Toni over at Deconstructing Eden specializes in a classical perfume style that doesn't use fragrance oils. Everything is an aromachemical, essential oil, absolute, or essence. Think naturals that aren't quite natural!

Their fragrances are all incredible and we're so happy to have them with us!

This is a set of six 2.5ml spray sample vials of all six fragrances in the Pride collection.

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 Pride Collection

Life: Woody amber, silken woods, dry hay, blonde tobacco, red apples, apricots, wildflower honey, rhubarb, red figs.

Healing: sweet soft musk, copaiba balsam, mandarin, bergamot, frankincense, ambergris, lemon, tangerine peel, sandalwood.

Vitality: Bright mandarin, Italian lemon, bergamot, may chang flower, golden sandalwood, ginger co2.

Nature: A primal, redwood forest. Redwoods, mahogany, conifers.

Harmony: cool, sweet, living, river water.

Spirit: palo santo wood, wood violets, Bulgarian lavender, white amber, sea salt, a trace of freesia.






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