Set of five different Vanillas in 1ml samples from Kyse perfume: Bonbons a la vanille Cocco allo vanialia Vanille de Cedre Fumeé Vanille Benjoin Vanillee

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We're so honored to have Kyse perfume here with us in the Marketplace!

This listing is for a darling set of five 1 ml bottles in her bestselling Vanilla scents. You'll notice that the photo does not match these fragrances, we'll be updating that soon.

Vanille de Cèdre:
Fragrance notes: Himalayan Cedarwood, Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Oakmoss, and a hint of a sweet musk base

Cocco alla Vaniglia:
Fragrance notes: Coconut Pulp CO2, Vanilla beans, Organic Tonka Bean Butter, and Cream

Bonbons à la Vanille:
A grown up Vanilla Candy. We started with Tahitian vanilla beans made into a new accord, then added some Peru balsam and a warm skin scent base
Benjoin Vanille:
BV starts with top notes of honey, neroli, and plum, with mid notes of vanilla Co2 and tonka bean, and a base that rounds out with benzoin, immortelle, and styrax.
Fumée Vanille:
Fragrance notes: smoky, deep vanilla, with the tiniest of a bitter feel. Barely perceptible coffee and oak moss basenotes edge out the sweetness

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