Set of five Fruity perfumes in 1ml samples from Kyse perfume: Fichi e panha Framboise Nue Serenade au Fraises Peche au yuzu Crema di Lime e cognac

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We're so honored to have Kyse perfume here with us in the Marketplace!

This listing is for a darling set of five 1 ml bottles in her bestselling Fruity scents. You'll notice that the photo does not match these fragrances, we'll be updating that soon.

Sérénade aux Fraises:
Fragrance notes: Strawberry, passionfruit, plum, Moroccan rose, cream, Tahitian Vanilla, organic sandalwood, violet leaf, musk, and black agar.

Pêche au Yuzu:
Fragrance notes: Peach, Yuzu, Jasmine, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Fichi e Panna:
Fragrance notes: Fig, milk accord, sugar, vanilla, and sandalwood

Framboise Nue:
Fragrance Notes: raspberry, ginger, black & red currant, and animalic notes

Crema di Lime e Cognac:
Fragrance notes: Cream, keylime, and green cognac, with nuances of bamboo and hay to keep the sweetness in check

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