Shadow Witch Collection Box

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RETIRED: This product has been discontinued.

This product is no longer available, but you can view our fresh house fragrances to find something you'll love.

  • Scent Notes
    Bog Witch Scent Notes: A black, mossy, wet bog, dripping with fungi. Subtle brushes of artemisia, Atlas cedar, carrot seed, and labdanum. A hint of animalic musk. Chaos Witch Scent Notes: Freshly cut magnolias and moonflowers play with nutmeg cream. Crafty Witch Scent Notes: A bucket of half-eaten candy resting on a table in a craft room full of bits of paper and leather. Balls of warm wool yarn and the sharp spice of ginger, while glowing white amber light streams through the window. A mug of forgotten spicy hot chocolate cools on the windowsill. Doom Witch Scent Notes: A gorgeous blend of pistachio and frangipani with a handful of candy play off sinister undertones of smoking hot tar, dirt, and blood. Ember Witch Scent Notes: A single glowing ember radiating heat. Juniper, sweet benzoin resin, and a tiny drop of spicy camphor. A single wisp of smoke. Fractal Witch Scent Notes: Late summer peaches and grapefruit fizz and shine against a backdrop of Fall leaves in a rosewood forest. Ice Witch Scent Notes: A well-guarded fortress atop an icy mountain. A rich, frothy vanilla drink laced with peppermint, fennel, and cardamom. Torches smoke, incense burns. Shadow Witch Scent Notes: Guiac and cedarwoods, oleander, osmanthus, coriander, a smudge of dirt and drop of blood. Oakmoss, red currants, red and black musks. Twilight Witch Scent Notes: A spicy floral. Osmanthus, ginger lily and orris play against spices and sandalwood.
  • Description
      Looking for some amazing witchy goodness? Well you’ve found it. Our brand new Shadow Witch Collection Box is here, full of products scented with our brand new Shadow Witch scents. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have brand new products and packaging for them! Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. But what’s in it? Let’s start with the perfumes. First up, there’s a tin full of dram sprays of Ice Witch, Fractal Witch, Doom Witch, and Ember Witch in EDP form. (We heard you, EDP lovers!) Next, there’s a 10ml EDP rollerball of Bog Witch. There’s also a green ⅝ dram of Twilight Witch in EDP. But what about the body products? Oh, honey. Hold on to your broom, because there’s a 2oz frosted jar of Crafty Witch Buttercream Lotion. Next, there’s a 2oz frosted jar of body scrub scented with Chaos Witch. Last but absolutely not least there is a 1oz airless pump bottle of Shadow Witch Hair and Body Oil. You know those fancy bottles you get with high end moisturizers? That’s the bottle we’re talking about. Nothing but the best for our witches.

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