Sisterhood of the moon 8oz candle tin by Sihaya & Co

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Sihaya & Company is an excellent shop specializing in candles, jewelry, and wax melts. Our friend Christina began blending her own scents and selling hand-poured candles in 2014.

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Gathered beneath the gibbous moon, we raise our arms to the sky. Come join us. 
Sisterhood of the Moon: Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. 
Scent Profile: Resin/Incense, Smoky.
Tins: Our 8oz candle tin measures 3" wide by 2" deep, and holds approximately 7 oz of wax by weight. The wax is topped with an overspray of iridescent glitter. The candles burn for approximately 30-35 hours.
The glitter I use is safe for use in candles, and the ultrafine particles will not clog your wick.

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