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Sugar & Spite's Arsenic perfume oil

Sugar & Spite's Arsenic perfume oil

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Sugar & Spite is run by our wonderful friend Lysa, who has also been a guest on our Podcast, if you'd like to hear us chat. She has been making incredible perfumes for over a decade, and we're so excited to have her gorgeous creation, Arsenic, in the Marketplace. It really makes us all smile that we've got an Arsenic here at Suc too, and Lysa's take on the theme is very much worth checking out! (Psst! We've got a bottle at home!) This 6ml little bottle is sealed with a tiny cork, and real sealing wax. 

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Arsenic notes: Almond, Amber, Sandalwood, Guaic Wood, Black musk, hay absolute, tobacco leaf, beeswax absolute