Sweet Mother's Day Collection Box

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Do you have the sweetest mom to ever exist? Or do you know someone who is the kindest, gentlest mom you’ve ever known? Then they should be rewarded for their kind heart and good cheer with our collection box designed for the sweet moms in our lives. Their gentleness and utmost patience in the face of everything that comes with being a mom should be rewarded heartily. Kids are not easy to put up with, let’s be real, and anyone who raises them day in and day out deserves all the presents in the world. Especially ones who do it all with a gentle, sweet aura that never fails, no matter what the day throws at them. So, to celebrate these lovely humans, we have this collection, which includes a tin with drams of Don’t Be a Lady, Be a Legend; Bloodline; Thank You For Being a Friend; and a brand new, unreleased scent, Lineage. There’s also a 4oz jar of our Summer Glaze (our lighter lotion perfect for warmer temperatures) scented with Pacific Rose. Because what sweet mom doesn’t want to lather herself in roses? (You should also still get her a lovely bouquet of roses so that both she and her house can smell like a freshly picked rose for at least a few days.) There's also a 1oz bottle of our Hair and Body oil scented with Sakura. And, finally, there’s a 1oz oil rollerball of Your Mom, our scent designed to smell like the inside of a purse from the 1980s, something she probably knows well. Even sweet moms can get behind a “your mom” joke! They may have even invented them. We love you, sweet, kind, caring, awesome moms of the world!

Lineage scent notes: Cardamom, dragon's blood, bergamot, light musk


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