Sweet Shoppe 1ml Oil Sneak Peek of all 6 scents

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Are you a candy fiend? A sugar connoisseur? Lover of all things sweet and delicious? Well my friend, the Sweet Shoppe is for you! Inspired by the idea of an old time candy store, and the idea of staying cool during such a ridiculously hot summer, we put together a collection of cooling candy scents: Crystal Mint, Rainbow Sherbet Fancies, Lemon Fizz, Root Beer Pastilles, Wintergreen Freeze, and Sparkling Cherry. You'll receive a specially packaged pillow box and sticker full of 1ml oil-based samples of each of these six candy scents.

Crystal Mint: clouds of fluffy peppermint goodness.

Rainbow Sherbet:  a giant scoop of lime, orange, raspberry rainbow sherbet.

Lemon Fizz:  hard lemon candy that fizzes a little. A subtle creamy undertone.

Root Beer Pastilles: old fashioned rootbeer hard candies with an herbal sassafras finish

Wintergreen Freeze: tiny pastilles that melt in your mouth. A refreshing treat for a very hot day.

Sparkling Cherry: fizzing bright cherry candies.

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