Velvet finish body cream by Overmorrow - from the creator of Sucreabeille's bath and body products

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      Beth has worked at Sucreabeille for two years, and has opened her own shop, Overmorrow. She's completely in charge of our bath and body products and general goblining. She's been working on this formula for longer than she's worked with us, and it was finally time to launch her own brand.

      This cream is truly amazing. It has all the hydrating properties of aloe and mango butters, but dries to a velvet powder finish. You'll get all of the skin benefits of squalene and rosehip seed oil, and none of the greasiness.

      Available in 4oz and 2oz sizes

      Available in three scent options and unscented

      Sugar Maple: Maple sugar, roasted pecans, aged bourbon

      Bonfire: Birchwood, oud, burning cedar boughs

      Wintertide: Mint blend, vanilla bean, amber, sugar, sea salt


      Ingredients: aloe butter, mango butter, squalene oil, rosehip seed oil, arrowroot powder

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