Golden Hour

Vivianne sat at her dressing table, surveying herself in the mirror. She sighed dramatically, heaving her shoulders. “No, that’s not right,” she muttered, and did it again, with a more subtle shift of the shoulder. “Better,” she muttered, reapplying her lipstick. There was a knock at the door. “Five minutes until you’re needed on set, Vivianne!” the voice of the producer announced. “I’ll be ready,” she answered as she picked up her lip brush to really define her cupid’s bow. True, there were makeup artists just down the hall, but she had always done her own makeup since her first, early days in film. Back in those silent days when everything was in black and white and she was merely a background player, and had to do her own hair and makeup while fitting in whatever costume was available for her, whether it was two sizes too big or three too small.

Now, she was a proper star. Her life was dissected in columns big and small multiple times a week, and her filming schedule was grueling. She was the property of her studio, but she didn’t care. This was why she’d worked so hard, for so long, taking tons of bit parts and working as a cocktail waitress when times were lean. The classic Hollywood success story, really, and something she did not take for granted. Now here she was, starring in a romantic comedy holiday film that was sure to generate tons of publicity and, she was sure, was going to be a classic for years to come. They were about to film a romantic kissing scene at dusk in the “snow” with her co-star, and even though they did not like each other in the slightest, she was a professional. That agitated, angry energy could translate onto the screen as a different type of agitation.

The producer knocked on her door again. Vivianne put down the lip brush, spritzed herself with her favorite vanilla perfume, popped in a breath mint, then strode confidently out the door of her dressing room, nearly knocking the producer down with her elaborate velvet gown. “I’m ready for my close-up!” she announced as she arrived on set, pushing her co-star out of the way of the camera. “Because, let’s face it: this lighting makes my face look fantastic.”

Scent Notes: A classic blend of sparkling peppermint with rich vanilla.