Lemon Fizz

Scent Notes: Hard lemon candy that fizzes a little. A subtle creamy undertone.

It was a bright, hot morning on the coast. The waves were crashing in, sending sprays of salt water onto the boardwalk. There were no clouds in the sky. The sun shone brilliantly, raising the temperature into nearly the 90s already. Patty walked through the front door, already drenched in sweat from her walk. “I wore my lightest layers today, and still, I am soaked!” she announced as she breezed into the back of the shop, waving her fan exaggeratedly. “Please tell me we are making ice cream now,” Patty said as she tied on her apron. “Even better! I’ve made a new treat: Lemon Fizz! It’s tart, juicy, and sweet, and it has the most delightful fizzing sensation in your mouth as you eat it,” Candy said. “It’s like a refreshing lemonade. Best of all, it’s a lollipop, so you can enjoy it for hours!”

Patty’s eyes lit up. “Can I try one?” she asked, her hands reaching out instinctively. Candy handed one over, to Patty’s immediate joy. She popped it in her mouth and didn’t take it out for several minutes. Candy kept working. Finally, Patty took the sucker out. “It’s absolutely delicious. I feel totally refreshed and excited. And my mood feels lighter, brighter. Not like a good luck thing; more like, my outlook seems brighter. Does that make any sense?” she asked, popping it back into her mouth. Candy nodded. “It makes perfect sense. Bright, sunny days put me in a bright, sunny mood, and that’s the energy I put into this candy today. I figured, most people will be hot and sweaty today, so it would be nice to help lift everyone’s mood!” Patty smiled. “I couldn’t agree more.”

Patty, as it turned out, was also an excellent artist. Candy gave her some time to draw on the folding blackboard outside the shop so she could announce the new candy. The little lemon tree she drew was a big hit with the kids and parents alike; many customers complimented the bright, sunny picture. “It matches the weather!” was said on more than one occasion. Indeed, many people who came into the shop that day were complaining: about the weather; about their kids being rambunctious in the heat; about the beach being too crowded; about anything, really. But once they had the chance to try a Lemon Fizz, which sold out faster than any sweet she had ever made, everyone was in a better mood. She’d had to leave Patty all alone at the front of the store as she went to whip up more when she noticed the supply getting dangerously low, and right as the last one sold, Candy came out with a fresh supply before the next customer even had the chance to complain. And so it went for the rest of that hot, muggy summer day: Candy pouring all her brightness into giant batches of lemony, fizzy lollipops, appearing at just the right moment to replenish the supply when the last one was sold.

When the last customer finally left for the day, Candy locked the door and breathed a long, deep breath in and out. “Well, that was absolutely exhausting!” she said. For the first time, Patty noticed she looked a bit rundown and tired, which was unusual for Candy. It seemed to Patty that Candy had poured all her bright light and energy out for everyone and forgot about reserving some for herself. “Candy, you can’t run yourself ragged, even for customers! You deserve rest and relaxation and sunshine as much as your customers do,” Patty said. “Which is why….” And with that, Patty pulled a Lemon Fizz out of her apron pocket, making Candy laugh. “I saved some for you! I thought you might need it. I think tomorrow we spend the day just making treats, and the next day you take off and I’ll run the store myself. How does that sound?” Candy’s eyes welled up, and she took the Lemon Fizz. She swooped Patty up into a hug. “That sounds lovely. Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself, too.”

Scent Notes: Hard lemon candy that fizzes a little. A subtle creamy undertone.