Sparkling Peach

Make sure you read Sparkling Cucumber Mint, then Sparkling Green Mandarin, to get the whole story!

Paula awoke the morning after her second night of swing dancing much like she awoke after the first night of swing dancing: utterly euphoric, exhausted, and extremely sore. She hadn’t been able to stay long, knowing how worn out she was from her long week (and knowing she had to wake up early for one more day of work), but it was worth it. She’d successfully done the Lindy Hop! Peter was a fantastic teacher and she could swear he liked her, too. They had a natural dancing chemistry that everyone around them seemed to notice, making way for them as they swung and twirled and hopped along. But it wasn’t just Peter, as wonderful as he was. The dancing, the music, the fun moving of her body and learning new skills made her feel younger and more alive than she’d felt in years. She managed to drag herself to work and get through the morning with a positive attitude. 

That afternoon, Kelsey called her like five times in a row. Paula eventually managed to squeeze a moment between meetings in the bathroom to call her back. Kelsey answered immediately. “Some of my friends saw you and Peter cutting a rug last night! They said you two looked amazing together and you have to give me all of the details IMMEDIATELY.” Paula laughed and explained that she was between meetings in an extremely busy week and she’d call Kelsey later to explain. The rest of the day flew by, and Paula managed to get home with a bag of takeout in one hand. She poured herself a glass of wine and then poured herself onto the couch with her noodles when she felt her phone vibrating. It was Kelsey, again. She picked up the phone, but before she could even greet her, Kelsey started talking rapidly. “Okay this is going to sound crazy and it’s way across town but I just heard about this popup swing dance event tonight, it starts in an hour, I’m going, and you should be here to tell me what happened in person.” Paula’s thighs ached, as did her feet, and she hesitated. “I also heard Peter might be there, though I don’t know for certain. But I think it’d be worth your while to show up.” “Text me the details,” Paula said as she hung up. She chugged her drink, scarfed down some noodles, and headed out the door before she thought too hard about it. The venue was way across town; it was going to take her about an hour to get there via public transportation, but it seemed worth it. Even if Peter wasn’t there, she could tell Kelsey how much fun she’d had, how much she loved the dancing, and she could show off some of her new moves (and practice them so she didn’t forget them within the week).
Slightly over an hour later, Paula walked into … a very small, cramped bar. She was very confused until she heard the opening notes of “It’s Too Darn Hot” from the musical Kiss Me, Kate coming in through the door at the opposite end of the bar. She opened the door to a huge, beautiful outdoor oasis. It was a gigantic cedar deck with lights strung all over the top, speakers blasting music. There was a bar along the far wall, and she could just see Kelsey there through the mass of people. Paula hurried on through, getting to the bar just as Kelsey was being served two cocktails with slices of peach floating in the glasses. “Perfect timing!” Kelsey announced as she handed Paula a cocktail. They did a cheers, then each took a sip. “Oh wow, this is heavenly,” Paula announced, gulping down half the drink. “I’m going to need another one as I fill you in on all that has happened.” Kelsey signaled the waiter, and the two of them sat down at the bar to talk. Occasionally, Paula was standing up to show off a move she had learned (and surreptitiously scanning the crowd for Peter), but otherwise the two were sitting and talking for quite a while. After another hour or so, Paula was openly scanning for Peter. Kelsey joined her, but neither of them could see him. “I’m going to use the bathroom,” Kelsey said as she stood up. “Then we’re going to dance. I’ll look for him on my way through the crowd, promise.” Kelsey got up and headed back towards the bar itself while Paula finished her second drink. She debated just getting up and starting to do some moves by herself when she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Yes?” she asked as she looked and saw that it was Peter. “How do you manage to find me?” she asked him. He smiled, blue eyes sparkling. “I’ve been here the whole time. I saw you come in earlier; you look beautiful. I’ve been wanting to swing you around all night.” He held out his hand and smiled at her. “Let’s dance.”

Scent Notes: Sparkling peach blossom and vanilla.