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  • Scent Notes
    Spiced incense in the hot desert, a drop of ylang ylang.
  • Description

      Blended by Beth. Beth is the scent genius behind Overmorrow, and has designed some of our most popular Suc blends

      Angela, aka “Maverick,” is another new member of the notorious nuisance known as the Suc Gang. You’ll recognize Maverick right away: Whatever anyone tells her to do, she does the exact opposite. She’s apparently quite headstrong and likes to go against the crowd, and that includes whatever her Gang is doing. As a result, she’s usually found wandering alone, doing parkour (badly) off of random benches and street signs, and proudly defying whatever she is asked to do, no matter how it’s phrased. Lil’ Biscuit, Suc Gang leader, has been using reverse psychology to get Maverick to do what the Gang is doing … most of the time. Maverick has a stubborn independent streak that just can’t be tamed, even by her friends. So if you see her wandering alone in the streets, attempting a backflip off a lamp post, maybe say you can’t wait to see her do a sick backflip, and when she refuses to do it, mention how she shouldn’t find and rejoin her friends? 

      Scent Notes: Spiced incense in the hot desert, a drop of ylang ylang.

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