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    Fresh baking black bread with honey and butter, dalmation sage, white thyme, rosemary.
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      Scent Notes: Fresh baking black bread with honey and butter, dalmation sage, white thyme, rosemary.

      You open your door, hands full of bags because you aren’t doing more than one trip from your car, and kick the door shut behind you, striding quickly into your enormous, immaculate kitchen. You’ve been to the grocery store and two different farmer’s markets this morning, and it’s just barely 9am, but you needed to stock up your own pantry and start cooking for your catering business. First, though: a snack. You open your bread box and take out the loaf of sourdough you made yesterday, slice off a chunk, and put it in your toaster oven. While it toasts, you begin to unload and organize for the day ahead. In just a few hours the whole kitchen will be a mess, full of dirty dishes, crumbs and flour on every surface, scents mingling together while you hum with satisfaction. 

      The toaster oven dings, and you slide out your toasty sourdough onto a plate. You just bought fresh butter and real honey with honeycomb at one of the farmer’s markets, and you slather both on top and take a bite. Damn, that is some delicious bread. Whatever you make is always delicious and delightful, which is how you’re able to run such a successful catering and personal chef business. You’ve even started an Instagram that has quickly amassed a huge following, and you have started working on branded cooking content. It’s fantastic and overwhelming and amazing. 

      But even if you weren’t suddenly a huge success, you’d still be cooking and baking every moment of every day, even if it was just for yourself. It’s your way of showing love; of nourishing your soul and your body at the same time. It just helps that every single thing you make turns out amazingly. Even your mistakes somehow morph into a new dish that tastes just as good (if not better) than the original dish you were making. It’s an innate gift, your personal form of magic, which is why you go by the Kitchen Witch. Your living room bookshelves are jam-packed with cookbooks, and you’re always preordering the next hot cookbook. You can make anything, from any style of cooking, with ease and enjoyment. 

      You finish eating your toast, and put the plate in the sink. First plate in for the day; many other dishes will follow. You’ve organized all your fresh vegetables, your protein, your locally-sourced cheeses, and all your herbs and spices on your massive kitchen island. You start pulling down pots and pans, and take out your trusty Le Creuset Dutch oven. Oh yes, magic is, indeed about to happen in this kitchen. Soon, pots will be boiling with stews; your oven will be full of bread and pies will be awaiting their turn. When you’re done cooking for your clients, you’ll cook for yourself and plan ahead for tomorrow, when you’ll be making and canning jams and jellies. You’re practically vibrating with excitement to spend your whole day cooking, and you can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.

      Scent Notes: Fresh baking black bread with honey and butter, dalmation sage, white thyme, rosemary.

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