Heck Puppy

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  • Scent Notes
    Rich, melty toasted marshmallows that dry down to warm resins of copal, benzoin, and labdanum, with hints of black and pink peppercorn and warm fur.
  • Description

      Charlotte had been begging her mom, Marilyn, for months for a puppy. “It’s nearly my tenth birthday; I can take care of him!” She had announced this to her mom several times a day since the week after she turned nine. Her mom worked two jobs, and money and time were extremely tight. “I tell you every day, we can’t afford a puppy,” she said while tucking Charlotte in for bed. “I’m sure you could take care of one; I have the utmost faith in you. But between you going to school and then after school care and then to grandma’s house, I’m worried about the puppy being alone all the time. You know that’s not fair to a helpless dog.” Charlotte sighed and nodded gently. “I know momma. I would love it a lot, though.” Marilyn’s eyes filled with tears. “I know you would, sweetheart. I know you would.” 

      Marilyn kept thinking about it, even though Charlotte’s requests began to dwindle. She was old enough to understand how things were and how the world worked a little bit, how she didn’t have a father figure, how she couldn’t afford the clothes and shoes the rest of the kids her age wore, and how she couldn’t always go on field trips with her class unless her teacher could slip a little extra money Charlotte’s way. The fact that Marilyn was even home to tuck her in a few nights a week at their tiny apartment was somewhat of a miracle.... Click here to read the rest of the story!

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