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  • Scent Notes
    If you’ve ever wanted to smell downright earthy, this multilayered blend of all things dirty, woody, and spicy is for you. Atlas cedarwood, cassia, carrot seed oil, dirty amber, allspice, and dank balsam peru combine into a scent we’d describe as delightfully filthy.
  • Description

      Dawn had been up since her namesake time, working hard in one of her gardens. Though she lived in a major urban city center, that had never stopped her from planting and growing. She’d always had a major green thumb, heck, a whole green arm, and while she could’ve used her talents to grow rare flowers and sell them for lots of money, that was not in her nature. She was the embodiment of an earthly spirit that had passed down from her family through the generations. Her own mother, bless her, did not inherit it and could barely keep the grass in the back of their house in the city (the small patch of it that they considered their “yard”) alive. That same grass was now a small but absolutely thriving garden under Dawn’s care, having inherited the house when her mom left this earthly plane. 

      She had a community garden space where she could really flex her growing muscles. It was almost a shame that she lived in the city, but it’s where she grew up, and where she felt most at home. So she did what she could in the spaces she could do it in. Her real dream was to open her own community garden, and she was so close to having enough funds to buy the property. She wanted to feed the community, teach sustainability, teach children how to grow their own food. But the price of property kept going up, and up, in this city where the housing market bubble should have popped more than ten years ago. Dawn used these thoughts as fuel as she harvested artichokes, beets, and carrots from her community plot. She’d just finished pulling up the carrots when she got the feeling that she was being watched.... Click here to read the rest of the story!


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