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  • Scent Notes
    Cardamom, dragon's blood, bergamot, light musk.
  • Description

      People think of lineage in terms of a family tree: first it was the great-grandparents, which led to the grandparents, then the parents, and then themselves. There’s offshoots with aunts and uncles, spouses, cousins, kids, and lots of other relatives sprouting from the branches. And while that’s a very real definition, we think of lineage in an evolutionary respect. But not necessarily in the chimpanzee and ape evolutionary lineage. This is more: the past selves that have led you to become the person you are now; the different versions of you that have existed over the years. It’s the lineage of you. We are often ashamed of things we have done in the past: jobs we stayed in too long; people we dated too long; horrible clothing choices we made. There’s also sadness for pets and people and things gone sooner than we had anticipated, that we miss to this day. But instead of dwelling on those aspects, we should celebrate our past selves, even if they were vulnerable, or made bad choices, or said things they shouldn’t have. They formed the person you are right now, even if they weren’t perfect, because you still aren’t perfect, and that’s okay! They are building a platform for you to stand on; a lineage to fall back on; a path for you to follow into your future. Our past selves are not things to run from, nor dwell on. They’re an acknowledgment of change, and growth, and promises of a better future ahead. Your lineage is you, and not you. It’s part of you, but it’s not all of you. And if you can’t celebrate all of your past selves, that’s okay, too. Because the current you will also change, and grow, and become a part of your history, and we shouldn’t be afraid of that change. Your Lineage is beautiful, and so are you.

      Scent Notes: Cardamom, dragon's blood, bergamot, light musk.

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