We Ride at Dawn

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We are living in an extraordinary time. Healthcare workers across the world are working without rest, going above and beyond to help all of us. They're truly our heroes.

Here at Suc, we wanted to help in some small way, so we are donating 100% of the profits from sales to Doctors Without Borders.

Be kind to each other. Do good deeds.

We ride at dawn.

If you'd like to give directly to Doctors Without Borders, you can find the direct link to do that here.

Scent notes: Hot black tea with honey and coffee absolute to rise early, cardamom vanilla for comfort, bitter almonds for the lost, a shot of whiskey for strength.

Extra note: to help us send donations immediately, we are not offering this in any of our sets of five. The way our software works, we have to manually open each order to see what's in the sets, and we don't have enough hours in the day to manage. 

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