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      A set of twelve square drams of all of our Fruit Trees scents, together at last! This will be available through the rest of summer, beyond our Christmas in July sale. This collection is made with perfume oil as the base.

      Acai Tree Scent NotesJuicy acai berries covered in rich, dark chocolate. Fresh, cold rice milk and crisp white musk.

      Apricot Tree Scent Notes:  Fresh, tangy apricots, fizzing bubbles, a dash of herbal sage.

      Coconut Palm Notes:  Creamy coconut, swirls of black musk and vanilla, fresh green petitgrain, island beach grasses, and a hint of ocean breeze.

      Dragon Fruit Tree Scent Notes:  Ripe dragon fruit on a crystal plate next to a tall glass of lemonade on a sun-filled porch, while whiffs of tropical vanilla swirl through the air.

      Fig Tree Scent Notes:  Warm late summer figs offered on a platter with warm honeycomb, almonds, coumarin, and sips of red wine. Healthy. This is healthy.

      Lime Tree Scent Notes:  Fizzing fresh green limes, wild labdanum and tonka with champagne bubbles.

      Mango Tree Scent Notes:  Mangoes with fresh green galbanum and bright pink peppercorns. A whisper of cardamom and sea salt, served under black linen canopies.

      Nectarine Tree Scent Notes:  Nectarines in a cool, still pool of water, crisp rice milk.

      Passionfruit Vine Scent Notes: Passionfruit, bright green tomato leaf, frangipani blooms, and a pinch of heliotrope flower.

      Peach Tree Scent Notes:  Sun-warmed summer peaches, a hint of summer rainstorms and the smell of lush, green, growing things. Ice cold fizzy drinks and tonka bean.

      Pear Tree Scent Notes:  Hot, crisp pear tart drizzled with caramel. Drowned in heavy cream spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla.

      Pomegranate Tree Scent Notes:  Ruby red pomegranate seeds over vanilla ice cream.

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