Unicorn Farts

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  • Scent Notes
    All the pink things: bubblegum, sparkling pink lemonade, peach blossoms, and pink peonies, plus a swirl of brand name vanilla, pure golden honey, and sweet fluffy marshmallows.
  • Description
      What does it smell like when a unicorn farts? Delicious, of course! Think of all things sweet and floral, like marshmallows and peonies and pink lemonade and vanilla mingling together into a delectable cloud of goodness that’s the antithesis of the usual fart. For days when you need something fabulous that makes you feel like a rainbow and smell like all things pink and sweet, but also has a hilarious name to tell people when they compliment you on how great you smell, there’s Unicorn Farts: The Only Farts Worth Bottling.

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