Fire Witch

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  • Scent Notes
    Burning leaves, gunpowder, leather, cardamom, clove.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Burning leaves, gunpowder, leather, cardamom, clove.

      “Steady hands, steady hands,” you think to yourself as you top off the wax on your latest batch of candles. Cardamom, leather, and clove float up into your nostrils, and you take a giant inhalation. Mmmm, delicious. You’re in the midst of launching a brand new venture, a specialty candle and crystal company, after being furloughed from your boring office job of *cough* too many *cough* years. You’ve always been in love with crystals and candles, long before you started this job. Some people collect perfume, or jewelry, or shoes, or lipstick; you’ve collected candles of various shapes, sizes, and scents, and you’ve been stuffing “pretty rocks” in your pockets since childhood. Your personality has long been described as fiery, and you’ve always seen the beauty in the flames of candles and fires. Preferably not large fires, as you’ve always had a sense to stay away from those. You aren’t an arsonist. You just appreciate the beauty of the flame, and it is best seen in small doses, like the slow burn of a wick through a candle. Plus, candles smell fantastic and perfume your surroundings, thereby influencing your mood. 

      It’s fall now, and it seems like everyone could use a little more light and beauty in their lives, hence the business. Your stubbornness won’t let you fail, and you have an innate sense that this is going to work out in your favor. Even if it doesn’t, you’re too sensible with your finances, and you’ll be able to stay steady for quite a while no matter what direction the smoke blows in. You’ve been making candles for years for friends, it was really just taking the huge plunge into making them on a larger scale, setting up a website, and doing all the fun background “hey you’re starting a business!” work that scared you initially. 

      Your small house is full of scents of all types, but the predominant impression they’re making is “autumn,” which is exactly what you wanted. Once the latest batch have cured, it’s time to take photos, make listings, and all that boring stuff. In the meantime, you have to product test your “forest floor” scent, with notes of oakmoss, cedar, and fungi. You light the wick of your sample, and stare in awe at the gorgeous product you created. Hidden in the midst of every candle is at least one (often multiple) surprise crystals, chosen with intention while the candle is poured. Are you the first person to do this? Nope. Do you still have an intuition that you’re going to be a huge success? Yes. Well, maybe “huge” is an overstatement, but is it work you’re going to enjoy and find fulfillment in? Yes, it absolutely is.

      Scent Notes: Burning leaves, gunpowder, leather, cardamom, clove.

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