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  • Scent Notes
    Anise, freshly ground cloves, dalmatian sage, frankincense.
  • Description

      Wormwood has been linked to hallucinations, especially when consumed in absinthe, that delicious, witchy liquor. But, like many delicious things, wormwood in large doses is toxic. We’re willing to take that chance with this heady, spicy blend we’re calling Wormwood. Frankincense, sage, cloves, and anise come together to create a smoky cloud you can wear and feel like you’re a courtesan in a 1920s Paris nightclub, drinking absinthe, wearing a corset dress, dancing on a bar until you mistake a young, handsome poet for a young, handsome duke and fun mishaps occur! We’re gonna skip the whole “dying from tuberculosis at a young age” thing though.

      Scent Notes: Anise, freshly ground cloves, dalmatian sage, frankincense.

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