Crafty Witch

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  • Scent Notes
    A bucket of half-eaten candy resting on a table in a craft room full of bits of paper and leather. Balls of warm wool yarn and the sharp spice of ginger, while glowing white amber light streams through the window. A mug of forgotten spicy hot chocolate cools on the windowsill.
  • Description
      But how can anyone argue with such a clever, talented, cunning person? They can try, but they won’t get far. Clever witch. Your witchcraft practice is quite literally making crafts and being calculated and cunning, aka, crafty. Yeah, the wordplay is terrible, but that’s not your fault. You’re just naturally incredibly gifted at every type of arts and crafts activity you’ve ever tried. And then you add years of studying and practicing on top of that natural ability, and it’s not a surprise that you have a successful online store where you sell your crafty goodness. What might be surprising is that you specialize in Halloween decorations. Fake limbs, skeletons, and witch hats are your most popular items. Your fake bloody limbs, in particular, are extremely popular with people looking to decorate haunted cemeteries in their yards. You just like to leave some limbs hanging in your windows year-round so people know who they’re dealing with. You also make quite beautiful landscape paintings that do great business; you just like to scare people because, why not? Your crafty, cunning skills are also useful in running your business. Woe be to those who interrupt you when you’re creating. Crafting puts you in a kind of trance; a spell of sorts, where you focus all your intensity and creativity onto one specific piece of craftsmanship. This is why you have a separate art studio; if it were part of your main house, you’d never get anything done. As such, you try to spend most of your time at the crafting studio. You do make non-spooky crafts, of course, and you’ve tried it all: cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilt-making, jewelry, painting…. The list is never-ending. Your customers (mostly) respect your personality, which is known to be devious and wickedly charming. When customers complain about the products they receive, which happens rarely but as anyone who has a business knows, it happens, you absolutely do not abide by the old adage of the customer being right. You are the one who is right. But how can anyone argue with such a clever, talented, cunning person? They can try, but they won’t get far. Clever witch.

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