Water Witch

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  • Scent Notes
    A truly rare blend of mosswater, copal resin, ylang ylang, and black musk.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: A truly rare blend of mosswater, copal resin, ylang ylang, and black musk.

      Blended by Beth. Beth is the scent genius behind Overmorrow, and has designed some of our most popular Suc blends

      Your head breaks the surface of the water, and you take a gigantic, gasping breath. You’ve been swimming for several hours, your strong arms and legs propelling you the length of the pool. At the end, you do a swift flip turn, and go back the way you came. Having your own pool, while living so close to the ocean, is both your greatest luxury and an absolute necessity. You need the water; you come alive in it. Without the ability to swim every day, or at least to be able to look out and see yourself surrounded by water, you’re not sure you’d survive. Okay, that’s dramatic, but seriously, if you could snap your fingers and become a mermaid, you’d do it with almost no hesitation. You tread water and flip onto your back, gently gliding across the water, arms forming gentle windmills before you stop and just float serenely. The sky is a perfect blue with just a few clouds. You can hear the ocean waves lapping onto the beach nearby. This is your happy place; the space where you can think and breathe and truly relax, supported by the gentle caress of the water. 

      Slowly, you float back to the shallow end and get out, begrudgingly. If you were actually a mermaid, you wouldn’t have to work, but sadly you are a human with responsibilities. Thankfully, your work with water extends beyond the pool, and you have your own small business making bathtime creations: bath bombs, shower scrubs, bath salts, lotions, potions … you make it all! You’re a hit with the small business world, and as you’re obsessed with water and anything to do with it, your products are consistently stellar and sell out in minutes. You don’t take it for granted, though. You’re extremely lucky and hashtag blessed to do what you love, and to have other people love what you make as much as you do. People call you a bath witch, a water witch, or just a straight-up witch, and yeah, that’s probably true. Everything you make turns out amazing and exactly how you intended, even if you threw it together in five minutes. You just know what’s going to work with the water. You always have. 

      Today’s to-do list includes packing and shipping orders, answering emails, and planning for your next big sale. Tonight, when the toil is done, you’re going to test out some new products. What that really means is, you get to take a super long bath with a bunch of different products and feel all the stress from those emails and shipping just melt straight out of your body while you either read a book or watch a movie. Yes, you had a special TV installed in the wall above your bathtub that’s protected from the water. Yes, that was incredibly bougie and insane of you. No, you do not regret it for a single second. The rest of your house is … fine, but your bathroom and your backyard pool are truly spectacular. Those were the most important places for you, and where you spend most of your time, so why not go all out? 

      You’ve changed out of your swimsuit and into your “work” outfit of the day: fun, brightly patterned leggings and an oversized gray t-shirt. Gotta be comfy while stuffing boxes and printing labels! One day you’ll figure out a way to work solely from your bathtub, but for now, you’ll open the windows and enjoy the ocean breeze and dream about your nighttime soak in your extravagant bathroom. There are worse ways to live.

      Scent Notes: A truly rare blend of mosswater, copal resin, ylang ylang, and black musk.

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