Water Sausage

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  • Scent Notes
    Warm sandalwood and leather are sharpened by allspice and cumin CO2.
  • Description

      The newest addition to our Woodland Creatures collection has arrived: Everyone wave hello to the Water Sausage, aka, the wonderful otter! Maybe we’re biased, but we think the otter is one of the cutest aquatic animals. The face! The personality! Otters are part of the Mustelidae family, which is a family of carnivorous mammals that also includes another favorite Woodland Creatures collection animal, the Fart Kitten (aka, skunk). There are 13 different types of otters, and sea otters in particular eat 25% of their weight in food every single day. Relatable. They’re also ridiculously smart and are one of the few mammals that actually use tools, normally a rock, to assist in hunting and eating. A group of otters resting together is called a raft, and if they don’t hold hands to stay together, they’ll wrap themselves in seaweed to form a large raft to stay close together while they rest. Yes, they are vicious wild animals, but there’s just something about them and their sweet little faces that we can’t get enough of.

      Scent Notes: Warm sandalwood and leather are sharpened by allspice and cumin CO2.

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