Steel Rose

Nov 9, 2019 - 8:05 PM

  • Chapter 6: Steel Rose (wild rose, English rose, white rose, woodsmoke, patchouli, dragonsblood, metallic copper, metal, smoky incense) reminds you that badass roses have thorns, and aren't only sweet demure little things.

    Both in the bottle and on application, I’m definitely getting the perfume’s namesake here with a nice fragrant rose. What makes this one really unique is how the rose is brought out beautifully against an awesome backdrop made up of a good quantity of smoke and metal, which gives a very nice contrast to the sweetness of the floral.

    This scent is feminine in a strong independent way. This is a princess who doesn’t want to wait around for a knight to come rescue her – she straps on her own sword, saddles up her horse and goes forth to create her own future. One of my favourites of the whole set. 9/10.

  • I dabbed this on before reading the story, and then enjoyed its lovely scent while laughing over the story. I have had that same day so it is no wonder that I love this lovely rose with a kick fragrance. On me, the roses dominate-- they smell like a lovely rose garden. The hints of other notes keep the scent from being just another girly rose fine. The dragon's blood, metal notes, smoke and incense are perfect for a strong warrior woman fighting her way through an urban jungle. Do I love this one? Absolutely.