So, first off, let me just say that I LOVE getting the little extra surprise samples! Yaaaaay! I went a bit overboard on ordering samples, so I’ll update as I try them. I’ll go in the order I tried them on.

Let’s Be Bad Guys: Right out of the gate I found my death note. The gunsmoke note in this overpowered everything else, and left me smelling like a burnt out cap gun. This saddens me greatly, as I love Firefly and reeeeeaally wanted this to smell good on me.

Cunning Minx: Intriguing. The wormwood really hits a high note on me, which makes me feel like a glass of Absinthe. This perfume reminds me of everything I love about New Orleans.

Rictus: As a massive goth, I mean this in the best possible way- smells like a sexy funeral. Opens strong with the chocolate raspberry, and settles nicely into the white lily and fresh dirt.

Here’s The Thing, Fuck Everyone: I want to swim in this. I want to drink this. The chocolate and bourbon mix so well with the amber. Like Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs”- I’d fuck me.

Black Heart: Chocolate right off the bat, then settles into a deliciously caramel whiskey scent. The cashier at Rite-Aid just asked me what I’m wearing because I smell “intoxicating”. I may be in love.

Lodestone: First out of the bottle, I wasn’t convinced. Top notes were heavy on the peppermint on me. However, once the fog settled in, the peppermint took a back seat, and I just loved it. Crisp and warm at the same time, this may be the new scent I wear when I tend bar.

Lady Swears: Similar to Here’s The Thing, Fuck Everyone, but crisper, due to the lemon, which hits first. Mellows into a clean bourbon vanilla finish. Brings my total to four yes, two maybe, one no.

I Come From A Long Line Of Terrifying Women: The gunpowder almost overpowers on me at first blush, but quickly settles to a woody, tobacco scented midnote. Gives off a very Annie Oakley-esque scent. Solid maybe on me.