In the bottle, this is cloyingly, overwhelmingly sweet. I was reluctant to try it on, honestly, given how sweet it smelled. On application, the first scent I noticed was a kind of sharp pineapple, and underlying tropical fruit. However, after about an hour of wear, I began to notice the creamy coconut scent that was mentioned in the scent notes. After about two hours of wear, the tropic fruit scent had almost completely subsided, and I was left with a feminine, soft, sweet scent that was slightly floral in nature, with subtle undertones of vanilla. My boyfriend smelled it at around the three hour mark and complimented me on how pretty I smelled (this was the only scent of the five I ordered that he was a fan of). Although I didn’t start off loving Sea Glass, after the first hour it definitely grew on me. I don’t know that I would order a full size bottle, but I will be wearing the sample again for sure.

Throw: moderate
Hours of wear: About 4-5 hours