This scent was inspired by all the hero healthcare workers out there working tirelessly to care for those in need despite the personal risk to themselves. These are difficult times that we're in, but the darkness only makes each burning candle so much brighter for it.

I recently took a chance with a 10ml blind buy since 100% of the profits from sales go to Doctors Without Borders, and I'm so happy I did. This is a fun scent to wear which is not overly sweet. I wasn't as much a fan of the almond morph in the middle, but its presence perfectly bridges the smells of two of my favourite drinks - honey yuan yang (coffee mixed with tea) and Wild Turkey American Honey bourbon - in a seamless transition.

I'll find myself reaching for We Ride At Dawn on days that I just want to relax and unwind, without a care in the world. 8/10.