Chapter 2: Glass Rose (white rose, white musk, white thyme, a summer rainstorm, neroli, gardenia, a perfectly ripe grapefruit, kumquat, orange blossom, neroli, red mandarin, fresh dalmatian sage) is so herb-dominant and humid that it vividly transports me into one of my favourite movies (Spirited Away); specifically Kamaji's boiler room in the bathhouse.

There’s quite a bit going on here with the blend – I get a smorgasbord of citruses (citrii?) anchored with a good dose of herby sage and thyme, which complements the smell of rain really well. For a rose-themed scent, I’m struggling to find its namesake though.

The dominance of the green herbs and the humid 'wetness' of this scent makes it a perfect atmospheric for Kamaji's boiler room. On application, the herbs are much stronger and it evokes the opening rush for the bathhouse in the evening; after about 45 minutes of wear, the scent quietens down to reflect the boiler room at rest in the day. Overall, a relatively stable scent with low throw of around a foot, with about 3-4 hours of wear on skin and up to 7 hours in hair.

As an experience it’s really quite something, though for me personally it fills a very niche atmospheric. I think I would reach for it only when a particular mood hits, so my current dram will last me a very long time. 7.5/10.