Margaery Tyrell

If you’re looking for a scent that’s guaranteed to smell like “I’m having sex tonight,” buckle up cowgirl, because you need Margaery. And no, that doesn’t mean she smells cheap or easy, far from it. Margaery is coy, cunning, clever, and sexy as hell. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it, by any and all means necessary. But she won’t be obvious about it, no no no. This scent is regal, extravagant, and delectable. As soon as you walk in the room, all eyes will be on you. Men would literally jump out of windows if they couldn’t have you. Damn girl, you’ve got it going on. Just, you know, stay away from any religious figures and don’t stick around long enough to get married because that NEVER works out in your favor.

Scent Notes: a freshly popped bottle of champagne; ripe, juicy peach; crisp cotton sheets; an English rose garden; moonlight pomegranate; herbaceous sage; neroli.

Brienne the Beauty

Brienne is, in our opinion, the most underrated character in the entire GoT universe. She may have been mockingly nicknamed “The Beauty,” but her commitment to honor, goodness, and love (albeit unrequited one-sided closeted gay love) are outstanding and truly make her beautiful. Plus, she’s a goddamn knight, an incredible swordswoman, and takes absolutely zero bullshit. And is it bad if we want Jaime to dump his sister and be with Brienne? Think of the blonde chunky babies they’d produce, and they don’t even share the same gene pool! What a concept! Her scent, therefore, is earnest, a bit masculine, earthy, with a touch of hidden sweetness that blossoms over time. This scent, like Brienne, is a true beauty.

Scent Notes: newly cut grass on a hot summer day; smoky white musk; sweet Meyer lemon; real ginger; white tea; a fresh-picked Valencia orange.


Oh, you clever spider. Deftly weaving a web of deceit and lies while simultaneously earning the respect of nearly everyone you know. How is that possible? How do you do it?! Scratch that; the how doesn’t really matter, but the fact that you’re able to manipulate everyone around you is a skill most can only dream of. Well done, clever minx. Keep the treats flowing to your informants, and everybody’s happy. Well, okay, not everybody, but you get the gist, and who cares about those people anyway? This scent is both luscious and dirty; decadent and simplistic; dichotomous all the way, just like Varys.

Scent Notes: rich chocolate, patchouli, freshly whipped buttercream, peasant dirt.


The Greyjoy House is prideful, and while they might not be the most popular, we had enough people ask us to include them in our final batch of Frozen Embers and we figured, what the hell, let’s make everyone smell as salty as Euron acts! Since the Greyjoys have saltwater running through their veins, it seems appropriate that their scent is comprised of crisp notes of rain and salt, with hints of citrus for balance and good measure. Plus, nobody wants to smell like Reek, but everyone wants to be Yara/Asha (depending on if you’re a fan of the show or book, she has different names, and no we don’t know why so don’t ask) because she’s a goddamn BADASS and deserved to win her Queensmoot and run the Iron Islands but was thwarted because Euron just can’t not be a salty, bitter dude and let a woman rule. Ugh. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But don’t let them stop you; slather some Greyjoy on and be the seawater queen you were destined to be.

Scent Notes: fresh ocean air; ripe, refreshing lemon and lime; severe thunderstorms; gloomy, rainy afternoons; tears.

Iron Throne 

This is it, fam. This is what everyone has been trying to have this entire time. It’s the reason for the seasons of the show, and it was entirely worth the wait. This scent is unlike anything we’ve made before, and we think you’ll love it. It smells like power, and crazy plot lines, and unearthed secrets and scandals. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the Iron Throne yourself (and, seriously, who hasn’t?) then you need this blend. Just, you know, don’t kill anyone over it; unlike the actual throne, we have lots of this to spare, so please don’t go a-murderin’.

Scent Notes: Ancient incense burnt in a tomb of darkness; the blood of a hundred dragons; Bay Laurel; pure, raw honey.



Cersei is a complex, complicated, badass, maybe slightly psychopathic woman whom we all love to hate (or just love). She is, without a doubt, a standalone woman who gives absolutely no fucks about what anyone else thinks of her or her actions, and that’s why we have to respect her no matter what. She’s in the game to win at any and all costs, and she is extremely tough and unyielding, aka, our kind of woman. Her namesake scent, therefore, is herbaceous and spicy, floral and deep, with a helluva lot of power behind it, and unlike any scent you’ve smelled before. Maybe you don’t want to *be* as much of a heartless wretch as Cersei, but I mean, if you could *smell* like that? Men would instantly know that you are not to be fucked with, at all, ever, and women would treat you with reverence. Damn, it feels good to be, or at least smell like, Cersei.

Scent notes: white thyme, freshly ground black pepper, black jasmine, amber



Oh, Jaime. Your loyalty to your sister is inspiring, if a bit creepy and definitely illegal. Your commitment to honor is remarkable, and a large part of us wishes you’d just be with Brienne and call it a damn day. Your scent is everything your sister’s isn’t: woody, musky, exotically spicy and a little bit sweet. And yet, they play off each other so well, it’s almost like they’re… twins. (Had to.) Your charm knows no bounds, and while some people are immune to it, most will swoon at your feet. Even us, although that whole lifelong incestuous relationship does put a bit of a damper on our adoration. Wear this scent when you need to schmooze and exude confidence. Just don’t push any children, even if they catch you in a compromising position.

Scent notes: juniper sage, neroli, patchouli, cedar planks, saffron



Everybody loves Tyrion, despite his Lannister surname. He’s not like his family; he’s intelligent and sweet and far more caring about people outside of King’s Landing. He might be an imp, but he’s a stand-up guy, even with his love of brothels and alcohol. (We can’t blame him, he is the god of tits and wine after all.) It seems fitting that his scent is reminiscent of old books, sweet fruit, and decadent vanilla, and is completely different than Jaime’s or Cersei’s. Smells like caring. Who needs their father’s love, anyway, when you can team up with some dragons and a woman who is literally burning down the patriarchy, one old dude at a time? That’s way better than staying in your hometown, reading, drinking, and screwing your way through the town. Not that we know anything about that *cough*.

Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, juicy fig, freshly tanned leather


Liquid Gold

You know the motto: A Lannister always pays his debts. (And that old chestnut about the contents of Lord Tywin’s chamber pot, but that’s been proven to be just a rumor.) No matter what type of debt is owed, be it blood or money, the Lannisters always make good on paying what they owe. Or what they feel they owe. Therefore, a Lannister collection is not complete without some liquid gold. It’s spicy and floral and smells the way luck feels. Bonus: the gold mica inside will leave a subtle shimmer on your skin! Just don’t trust anybody else with your gold because it is YOURS, dammit, and the Lannisters always like to keep things inside the family, or better yet, to themselves.

Scent notes: zanzibar spice, lavender fields, bergamot black tea


The Mountain

Oh Gregor, you gigantic, zombie guard. You’ve been through so much and killed so many good people, and yet, even you didn’t deserve to end up as Cersei’s monstrous, undead protector. While you probably don’t smell great now what with being poisoned, killed, and brought back from the dead, one can imagine that back in the day you actually smelled quite manly and delicious. That’s why this scent is a little sweet, a little musky, and definitely masculine, with notes of amber, oatmeal, and honey. After all, nobody with the nickname “The Mountain” would be particularly delicate. Just, you know, don’t stick our faces in the fire for saying that. We meant that as a compliment; we aren’t trying to insert ourselves into Clegane Bowl or any kind of fight, thanks.

Scent notes: amber, a pint of oatmeal stout, pure golden honey


Know Nothing

Just because you’re a good-looking bastard doesn’t mean you’re smart. But don’t worry, everyone will love you anyway, because you’re truthful, honest, and upfront. This scent is cold, like when all your friends stab you behind your back (and to your face), and reminiscent of frozen trees and herbs like pine, cedarwood, and oak moss blowing in the frigid wind. It’ll be as shocking as that time you went into a cave and discovered something completely new and delightful. The North remembers, heeeeeyyyy.

Scent notes: Pine needles, cedar planks, eucalyptus, mossy oak, fresh lemon verbena.



Everyone’s favorite multi-faced murderer, Arya is the psychopath we all wish we could be. Her namesake scent, therefore, is bold, tart, and spicy, with notes of frankincense and sandalwood. While she was born with bloodlust, she had to be trained, and with age comes wisdom and some mellowing down. At least in theory. The scent fades into a calmer, richer spice, like the kind you put in a meat pie you serve before slicing the throat of a terrible patriarch who murdered your family. And the meat pie is full of his family. Goddamn, Arya is such a badass. Slice that patriarchy down, girl, one old white man at a time.

Scent notes: Peaty oak moss, lemon verbena, frankincense, a double shot of good bourbon, smoky sandalwood.



Inspired by her love of lemon cakes, Sansa, naturally, smells like her favorite treat. Delicate and dainty and oh-so-tempting, the combination of lemon, vanilla, and buttercream is sure to be a gourmand’s favorite scent. She’s the exact opposite of Arya, lusting and smelling like the finer things in life, working her way up the social ladder. Of course, things don’t always go to plan, which is why it’s fitting that lemons are also tart and bitter. Come by for the sweet aromas, stay and watch Sansa mature into a powerful woman who doesn’t take any shit.

Scent notes: Rich, fluffy buttercream frosting, real vanilla, pure lemon.



The Stark family sigil and beloved pet to each of the children, Direwolf naturally starts with a big bite. What would else would you expect from a wolf-dog hybrid that lives in the frigid North and protects its owners so fiercely? The scent is like being outdoors and hunting for lesser wolves (or shitty Lannister children), and smelling the fresh air and strong outdoor herbal scents of rosemary, mahogany, and teak, which slowly fades and becomes a natural part of you. You’ve just always smelled this good, right? And you’ve always been able to see through your human’s eyes and go around doing human things and vice-versa, no? That’s not normal? Huh.

Scent notes: Rosemary, finely grated ginger, cedarwood, fresh mahogany, teak.


Three-Eyed Raven

Alright, you know when you buy those mixed chocolate truffles from Costco, and you find out there’s a lemon one, and you think, this is weird and has no place here? How could this possibly turn out well or be important? And then you bite into it and your mind explodes because hot damn that is DELICIOUS and just totally changed your world forever and nothing will ever be the same again? That’s Three-Eyed Raven. Jet black and smelling of chocolate and lemon, this scent has to be smelled to be believed, like finding out the crippled boy knows everything that has ever (or will ever) happen and you’re like wait, THAT’S what’s going on how did we end up here from where we started what is happening and why is it SO FRIGGIN COOL?! Three-Eyed Raven, man. It’ll blow your mind.

Scent notes: Freshly squeezed lemon, fresh lemon verbena, fancy dark chocolate


Khal Drogo

Okay, so he’s not technically a Targaryen. But, he was married to Dany and don’t we all miss that man? Plus, without him, she wouldn’t have an army. At least, her original army; her current army she earned by her damn self. But he’s with her in spirit, so we figured it’s only fair to include him. Khal Drogo is a sensual blend of leather and sandalwood, AKA, exactly what we think he would smell like/what we’d want him to smell like/damn he was just gorgeous why is he dead?!?

Scent notes: Supple leather, smoky sandalwood.



Inspired by Dany when she is first ruling the Dothraki, this scent is a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and orange. It’s exotic, spicy, and fragrant, like a Moroccan marketplace after dark. Sweet and delicious and slightly naive, but you can just tell that this will develop into something powerful with enough time. Not a girl, not yet a woman, but still smells amazing and is ready to take control in every aspect of her life because she knows what she wants and she is gonna GET IT, NO MATTER WHAT.

Scent notes: fresh orange, spicy cinnamon, white musk, and freshly ground nutmeg.


Mother of Dragons

This is Daenerys now, at her full power, with her adult dragons ready to burn the patriarchy and all these old white men down. (We know that feeling well.) A blend of tobacco, vanilla, maple, and leather, it’s a smoky, sweet, daring combination of femininity and strength that will have everyone bending the knee to you, just because you smell so damn amazing. And because you have worked hard and not taken any shit and have earned it over all over all of these men, dammit. Matriarchy FTW.

Scent notes: Sweet vanilla, maple butter, smoke from the village you just burnt to the ground, decadent leather.



Ah, the mighty Drogon. So powerful, so pretty, so damn terrifying when he’s breathing fire and mercilessly slaughtering anything in his path. Campfire, tobacco, and smoked meat scents come together to smell like, well, smoked meat, but in the best way. If you love the way your clothes smell after a bonfire, summer cookout, or burning your ex’s old clothes and memorabilia, you’ll love Drogon. Dracarys!

Scent notes: Smoky meat (mmm, bacon), campfire, sweet cherry tobacco.



Named after the scary, powerful flame that the Mad King (Dany’s father) buried under King’s Landing, this scent packs a powerful punch, but mellows after the first few minutes. Your nose will immediately get a strong hit of anise, and then the mellow smoky qualities of campfire and cedarwood come after to soothe and satisfy your senses, like magic. Don’t worry, the green won’t stain your skin. Plus, how cool does that look?! It’s the smell of watching the ships of your enemies burn while you watch, satisfied and cackling. (Yes, that is a smell; don’t worry, you’ll know it as soon as it hits your nose.)

Scent notes: Tangy licorice, anise, smoky campfire, fresh cedarwood.