Memento Mori

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The literal translation of memento mori is, “remember death,” though it’s often translated as the phrase, “remember you will die.” Yes, that sounds horrifying on the surface, but it’s a phrase of comfort. Without death, there is no life. Without darkness, there is no light. Death is what gives life meaning and purpose, and it doesn’t have to be this terrifying, looming presence in our lives. The recognition and acceptance of death makes life easier, sweeter, and more enjoyable. Memento mori, but don’t let it frighten you. It’s a reminder to live for today and to be happy and joyful in your life, while you’re living it.

Scent Notes: Incense, graveyard dirt and suede. Resins of dragon's blood and benzoin. Indian sandalwood and elemi essential oil. Amber, Egyptian musk and smoke, and our blood accord.

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