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Note: due to the high percentage of vanilla absolute in this blend, you'll see the prices of this perfume are higher than normal. The vanilla orchid has had a rough time this year, leading to our suppliers charging over $350/ounce. That means that this blend will not be available in our sets of five. And, due to the vanilla absolute separating from the oil base, this scent is available only in EDP.

Your definition of the word “family” might be slightly different to the conventional definition. It’s also true that you’re not a “foundling” in a traditional sense of the word. Instead, you’ve just chosen to make your own family with the people who truly love and care about you, whether they’re related by blood or not. You’ve also set out on the path to find yourself amidst the chaos of the universe, not caring what other people think about what you wear, or what you listen to, or how you style (or don’t) your hair, or what you eat. Finding your community allowed you to begin finding your true, authentic self, which now shines brightly for the whole world to see. And it’s only getting brighter from here. You wave your freak flag proudly, and encourage those you love to do the same. You’re a beaming, authentic, honest and caring soul who still believes in the good in everyone. You aren’t a Foundling because you were found by others; you’re a Foundling because you found true self, and people love you for it. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Scent notes: Pink lotus absolute, vanilla absolute, tonka bean absolute, floating on a cloud of airy, light musks

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