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Mothers can play such an important role in our lives. But we’ll be honest: moms aren’t perfect. Nobody is perfect, and while some of us figure that out about our parents early on, some of us realize it later in life, for better or worse. Being a parent is a messy, demanding, time-consuming, full-time (and then some) job that’s rarely appreciated in the moment. But moms in particular are superheroes. And we’re not just talking biological mothers, either. Every person who has ever loved, supported, nurtured, and cared for you when it felt like the world was falling down in your first big breakup; or the one who encouraged you to apply for that job you were certain you’d never get, who helped you interview and pick out your outfit and proofread your resume and then took you out to dinner to celebrate; the person you grew up with, who’s been your friend since middle school and is now a parent of their own accord. All of these people are mothers. We wanted this scent to remind you of your mom(s), whomever they may be, wherever they may be. Now you can keep them with you at all times, even if they’re not part of your “actual” bloodline. Family is found everywhere. Keep them close to your heart.

Scent notes: Ruby pomegranate seeds, sticky, thick dragon's blood, swirls of red musk and rosewood

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