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  • Scent Notes
    Dark chocolate, amber, honey.
  • Description

      This is, no joke, sex in a bottle. A blend of decadent dark chocolate, sweet honey, and amber, Afterglow is delicious and sexy; the perfect scent to wear on a date, a night out, to that wedding where you know you’ll see your ex with his new lady and you want to remind him of what he's missing even though you'll never go back to that assbutt ever again, or just to the office on days when you want to feel your most confident and remind your male colleagues that you are, in fact, better at your job than they are, dammit. Who can resist someone who smells like a slutty s’more, in the best way possible? Nobody, and that’s the point. If you need to add a little excitement to your life, or just want to smell dirty and decadent at the same time, you need Afterglow. You’ll thank us in the morning.

      Scent Notes: Dark chocolate, amber, honey.

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