Chaos Witch

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  • Scent Notes
    Freshly cut magnolias and moonflowers play with nutmeg cream.
  • Description

      Most people view chaos as a bad thing, but you? You thrive in it. Chaotic, hectic, incessant energy is the name of your game. You don’t even need the pot of coffee you drink every day, but it certainly does help you maintain your frantic energy. You stopped letting others in your home because they just don’t understand that what appears to be chaos to them is actually a well-organized system to you. The piles of everything, everywhere are set up in such a way that makes perfect sense to you, even if nobody else understands. Why do they have to understand, anyway?

      And, sure, you create chaos everywhere you go. But, again, why is that a bad thing? Most people are too buttoned up, afraid, quiet, apologetic. You are none of those things. You fly into every room with the manic energy of a toddler who ate an entire ice cream cake. Your family and friends have gotten used to it, but to new people, or any time you’re in a public place, everyone stares at you like you’re crazy. You know you’re not crazy, you’re just full of chaotic, magical energy. You’ve always been this way. Sometimes, this chaos turns to a darker place. But at those times you try to restrain yourself and your energy, as your dark chaotic side is less “sugar high child” and more “absolutely evil sorceress wreaking havoc on the masses.” Which is why you’ve learned to keep it in check. Unless, you know, someone absolutely deserves it. Then they can be truly floored by your frenzied, manic energy. But once someone sees that side of you, they never have to see it again. Once is enough to get your point across, because your chaotic majesty is truly unforgettable.

      Scent Notes: Freshly cut magnolias and moonflowers play with nutmeg cream.

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