Air Witch

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RETIRED: This product has been discontinued.

This product is no longer available, but you can view our fresh house fragrances to find something you'll love.

  • Scent Notes
    Fresh air, sweet limes, lychees and hay with a deep sassafras base.
  • Description
      You take a deep breath in, hold it, and exhale. Today will be another marvelous day. The breeze wakes you up, as it does most days. You’ve never needed an alarm clock if you could keep your windows wide open, letting the morning air tickle your nose until you awake, gently, sniffing at the breeze. Luckily you live somewhere where you can leave your windows open 90% of the year, letting the scents of ripening limes wake you and guide you into consciousness. Without a breeze, you feel stifled and cramped. The first thing you do every morning is open up the windows of your apartment as you walk around, letting the wind rush in and bring its creative energy into your dwelling. Fresh air means fresh energy means a revitalized, brand new day has begun. The sounds and scents from outside sweep throughout your apartment, reminding you that everything is connected and the universe is keeping you safe. You put the kettle on for tea and change into your morning workout gear. Your practice is at home now for safety, but you still need to be prepared and comfortable to switch between teaching breathwork and mindfulness classes and yoga classes today. Teaching people to focus on their breathing and how to relax and calm anxiety has always been a strong suit of yours. Anxiety hasn’t plagued you as much as it has your peers, and you attribute that to your naturally calm nature, knowing that everything can (and likely will) change in a breath, or a breeze. Instead of fearing that, you just breathe into it and relax, comforted by the fact that you are guided and supported in everything you do. You take a deep breath in, hold it, and exhale. Today will be another marvelous day.

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