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  • Scent Notes
    Smoked amber, black pepper and spices, camphor.
  • Description

      Disclaimer: Some people think astrology is bunk; others have complete faith in it. We tend to think of it as fun, and have a more lighthearted approach. Whether you hate it or love it is totally up to you, and we support your choice to love and/or hate the idea!

      The actual first sign of the Zodiac, and by far the fieriest, Aries are the take-no-bullshit bullheaded babies that everyone loves to pick on for being so tough. And, granted, Aries people like to show how strong and stubborn they are at every opportunity. What they don’t show you is that deep, deep, deep down inside they’re actually a marshmallow, full of sweetness and joy. They’re also fiercely loyal and protective, with a rigid moral compass and strong sense of self. They hold themselves and their loved ones to a high standard, and while they might not express themselves in the most sensitive or sensible of ways, we respect their commitment to themselves, their boundaries, their morals, and the deep love they have for their friends and family.

      Scent Notes: Smoked amber, black pepper and spices, camphor.

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