Yeti Howl

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  • Scent Notes
    Golden amber, black patchouli, citrus, warm woods.
  • Description

      Formerly known as "Man Grunt."

      Feeling frustrated? Are your kids annoying you? Is your boss being absolutely insufferable? Does the thought of another night filled with the mundane tasks of living fill you with deep, existential dread? We have the solution for you: A good ol’ yeti howl. Sure, yetis may not be real, but your howl sure is, and anyone who hears it might just believe that yetis are living in the woods near your house. Guaranteed** to ease your stress levels and make it possible for you to keep on keepin’ on in the face of … *gestures broadly.* 

      **We can make no actual guarantee; we’re not doctors or scientists, merely three racoons in a trench coat making scents, so take this advice with a lot of salt.

      Scent Notes: Golden amber, black patchouli, citrus, warm woods.

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