I Come From a Long Line of Terrifying Women

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  • Scent Notes
    A swirl of rosewood, whiskey, and amber, with a sprinkle of gunpowder, a drop of guiac wood, and tobacco absolute.
  • Description
      Andrea, creator of our fine perfumes, finds herself saying this (or an approximation of it) on a near-daily basis, as an explanation for why she’s such a badass. And you know what? It’s also a true statement, in the best way possible! Every woman working for Sucreabeille can proclaim this to be the case, and we’re betting that you can, too. Because terrifying women are the ones who take charge; who don’t back down from their goals and don’t let anyone stand in their way; who have never let a mediocre man tell them what they can or cannot do. They go after every single thing they want while wearing fabulous shoes, or a fancy hat, or just pajamas. Clothes make the man, but women can wear whatever they want. So go on, keep the line of scary women going strong. We are the next generation of terrifying women, inspiring generations of future terrifying women while being inspired by all those who came, and ruled, before us. And that warms our cold, cold hearts.

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