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  • Scent Notes
    Tart dark forest berries, osmanthus, bay, fennel, tobacco.
  • Description

      Like most people, we love flowers and all their scented glory, but we are also big fans of trees, which so often seem to be overlooked or just taken for granted. Nobody says, “Stop and smell the trees,” but maybe they should! Trees are majestic, beautiful, still, and calming. There are so many different types (over 60,000 species!) but every single one is amazing, not to mention extremely important for human survival (we like being able to breathe, thanks trees!). So today, if you find yourself in the midst of chaos, go outside and look at a tree. Or, if you just can’t escape, think of yourself as a tree, remember that you are also majestic and beautiful, and you deserve a moment of stillness and calm. 

      Scent Notes: Tart dark forest berries, osmanthus, bay, fennel, tobacco.

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