Fist Bump

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  • Scent Notes
    Vanilla bourbon, oud wood, sandalwood.
  • Description

      That’s right bro, another day is here. You've gotta pump yourself up; you need to make sure you're ready for anything the day can throw at you. Some jabroni cuts you off in traffic? You're ready. You didn't prepare for that presentation at work because you were out late slamming shots of Jame-o and trying to score with hot chicks? You got this. Oh, wait, one of those hot chicks turns out to be the daughter of your boss and you nearly get fired? Totally chill, brah, because you've got Fist Bump. Fist Bump is that awesome masculine scent, like a glass of bourbon mixed with fancy ass vanilla, because nothing is too good for you, broseph. Everyone's gonna respect you today, and they're gonna tell you how incredible you smell. Your boss won't fire you; he's gonna give you a raise and slap you on the back and hand you a cigar. That guy in traffic? Turns out he works in the building next to you, and he's super dope and knows where all the honeys hang out. Fist Bump, bro. There's nothing it can't do for you.

      Scent Notes: Vanilla bourbon, oud wood, sandalwood.

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