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  • Scent Notes
    Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, rich vanilla, and a touch of lavender.
  • Description

      “Admit it, Sarah: You love him.” Sarah rolled her eyes at Amanda’s words. “No, I don’t! He was … a formative experience, but I was just a kid! It was a dream. It was too magical to be true. There’s no way that I could be in love with him, now, so many years later. Plus he’s way too old for me," she said.

      Amanda stared into her friend’s eyes, and grabbed her hands. “I know he’s important to you, because you keep talking about him all of these years later.” Sarah sighed dramatically, freed her hands, and strode across her bedroom to the window. She looked out, forlornly. “But like, yeah, and also, what would happen? We couldn’t have a relationship or anything. He only liked me for one reason. I’m not even sure he LIKED me, really,” Sarah said, exasperated. “I just had something he wanted.” Amanda suppressed a giggle. “Sounds like a lot of guys I’ve met.” Sarah looked back at her friend, shooting her a hard look that swifty turned to a smile, then both of them were laughing hysterically. 

      “Look. Take some time and think about it. Maybe you two could just talk? Sort things out? You don’t have to be friends, and you definitely shouldn't be more than friends because that man has issues, but maybe he could get you some answers. The man wrote songs about you! He moved the stars for you! He clearly cared a little,” Amanda said, getting up and going to hug her best friend. “I have to get going. Let me know how you’re feeling in a couple days?” Sarah nodded into her friend’s shoulder. “I will. I promise.” 

      Several hours later, Sarah was rereading the book she’d read 1000 times, hoping it might bring him back. So, she set her resolve. She’d try to get in touch, the only way she knew how. She closed her eyes, said the words, and … nothing. She did it again, really putting intention into her words. She opened her eyes to her empty bedroom. She let out a frustrated scream, and decided to go to sleep. 

      She awoke in the dark of the night to a sudden thunderstorm shaking her window panes. She sat up, her heart racing, frightened and excited. She’d been in the midst of a dream, reliving the unimaginable that had happened to her so many years before. Her mind became very clear, and into the darkness, she whispered, “Goblin.” A thunderbolt crashed outside. “Goblin,” she said again, as the wind howled louder. “GOBLIN!” she yelled as the windows burst open. She covered her face with her arm, afraid the glass had broken and would come flying at her face. Then, silence. The storm had passed. She slowly lowered her arm and looked toward the window. There he was, twirling the crystal balls in his hand. He hadn’t aged a day. He smiled that devilish smile. “Hello, Sarah. I’ve been waiting for you.”

      Scent Notes: Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, rich vanilla, and a touch of lavender.

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