Sparkling Peach

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  • Scent Notes
    Sparkling peach blossom and vanilla.
  • Description

      Make sure you read Sparkling Cucumber Mint, then Sparkling Green Mandarin, to get the whole story!

      Paula awoke the morning after her second night of swing dancing much like she awoke after the first night of swing dancing: utterly euphoric, exhausted, and extremely sore. She hadn’t been able to stay long, knowing how worn out she was from her long week (and knowing she had to wake up early for one more day of work), but it was worth it. She’d successfully done the Lindy Hop! Peter was a fantastic teacher and she could swear he liked her, too. They had a natural dancing chemistry that everyone around them seemed to notice, making way for them as they swung and twirled and hopped along. But it wasn’t just Peter, as wonderful as he was. The dancing, the music, the fun moving of her body and learning new skills made her feel younger and more alive than she’d felt in years.... Click here to read the rest of the story!

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