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      We know, we know, we have a ton of options, don't we? It can get overwhelming if you're just joining us, which is why we've brought you our Discovery Sets! You can experience them in dram or rollerball sizes, and also choose between Eau de parfum or Perfume oil formulations.

      Our set of five includes: 

      GOTH. AS. FUCK.: Resins, Incense, candle wax, and old stone walls.

      I COME FROM A LONG LINE OF TERRIFYING WOMEN A swirl of rosewood, whiskey, and amber, with a sprinkle of gunpowder, a drop of guaiac wood, and tobacco absolute.

      CREAM TEAA warm mug of creamy, frothy, caffeine-injected tea. A blend of chai tea, burnt sugar, white musk, warm milk, and hot scones slathered with raspberry jam and honey.

      GOBLIN GOBLIN GOBLINEarl Grey tea, steamed milk, rich vanilla, and a touch of lavender.

      NIGHTSHADE A big glass of whiskey, sandalwood, amber, real ylang ylang.

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