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Step 1: Choose Your Free Dram

Scent notes: Toasted marshmallows, church incense, frankincense and myrrh, tuberose.

Scent notes: A cloud of frothy, creamy grapefruit souffle.

Scent notes: Sedona, juniper sage, lemongrass, mojito.

Scent notes: Rich vanillas, freshly ground nutmeg, Christmas spices, children's tears.

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Assbutt dram with coupon code AssButtOG

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Vodka and Swearing dram with coupon code VodkaSwearingOG

Krampus dram with coupon code KrampusOG


Blood Lust

Some perfumes say "smells like lipstick and blood" and they are just plain telling stories. This. Perfume. Smells. Like. Red. Lipstick. But if it were a perfume. I love it. It's so weird. I feel terrifying. I ordered several other samples and so far cannot decide what I want a full size of.

- Francesca H.

Fart Kitten

Fart Kitten was an easy favorite out of the lot and samples I received. The cucumber and peony are the stars of the show, and what a show it is! This beautiful, unique and universal floral is an easy blind buy!

- McKenzie S.

Goth As Fuck

Oooo! Smells just like my room when I was a teenager. The incense notes I pick up the most. If you were one of those cool goth kids in the late 90s early 2000's you need this scent in your life!

- Meghan P.