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Scent Notes: A cloud of frothy, creamy grapefruit souffle

Scent Notes: This goth perfume smells like a totally unapologetic haunted cathedral.

Scent Notes: Monoi Tiare, gardenias, freesia, and lily of the valley create a lush floral opening, then step back, and the deep rosewood and copal resin comes forward. This is a supremely rich floral that darkens to a woody, resinous finish.

Scent Notes: Sedona, juniper sage, lemongrass, mojito.

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While you don’t have to have a broken heart to wear this collection, it’s absolutely okay if you do! You don’t need a relationship this time of year, or anytime, to be a whole person. Or maybe you just want to smell like a gorgeous array of gourmand scents; that’s awesome, and this is the perfect collection for you. In this special tin there’s a dram each of Broken Heart (Rich nougat of vanilla, tonka bean, and heavy cream poured over marshmallows); Black Heart (Salted dark chocolate truffles with spiced caramel cores, and a shot of whiskey); Bleeding Heart (A fizzing glass of champagne filled with fresh strawberries), Beating Heart ... continue reading

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Listen up, mothercluckers. If you’re a fan of blue language, then we have the ultimate sassy set for you: the Bad Word Box. Oh, that’s right. The next time a creeper gets within six feet of you and says “Oh wow, you smell amazing, what are you wearing?” you can respond with a swift, “Here’s the Thing, F*ck Everyone, including you!” and flip them the bird while storming away. Also included in this set of wordy little drams are I Didn’t Mean Ducking, Ruthless B-Word, and Goth AF. No matter what foul-mouthed mood you’re in, the Bad Word Box has your back.

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Blood Lust

Some perfumes say "smells like lipstick and blood" and they are just plain telling stories. This. Perfume. Smells. Like. Red. Lipstick. But if it were a perfume. I love it. It's so weird. I feel terrifying. I ordered several other samples and so far cannot decide what I want a full size of.

- Francesca H.

Fart Kitten

Fart Kitten was an easy favorite out of the lot and samples I received. The cucumber and peony are the stars of the show, and what a show it is! This beautiful, unique and universal floral is an easy blind buy!

- McKenzie S.

Goth As Fuck

Oooo! Smells just like my room when I was a teenager. The incense notes I pick up the most. If you were one of those cool goth kids in the late 90s early 2000's you need this scent in your life!

- Meghan P.