I didn't mean Ducking

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That’s so ducking funny! Wait, no, I didn’t mean ducking. Ducking funny. Duck. What the hell? Autocorrect, I do not mean ducking, I have almost never meant ducking. You know me better than this! Ducking hell, man. I can assure you that nobody, in the course of typing a text, has ever meant that something was ducking awesome, or ducking great, or ducking delicious. You know what word I meant to type; you just don’t want to use it. Well that’s some bullshiz right there. But anyway, we got some to-go dinner last night, and I had the most delicious nachos topped with confit fuck. DAMN. IT. ALL.

Scent Notes: Black tea with a generous tot of whiskey. Grapefruit for a touch of bitter and a drop of vetiver. Nag champa and rosewood make a rich base.

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